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Traversing Tennessee

Sunday’s Scenes (L to R): Kingsport’s old train depot and Main Street, plus Knoxville’s Market Square and a tasty brunch at Cafe 4.

After two weeks in the Virginia mountains, we hit the road yesterday with the goal of picking up a few more “new” states and national parks before we head back to New England for a while.  We spent Saturday night in Kingsport, a small manufacturing city in northeast Tennessee we first discovered on our March road trip.  Upon arrival, we made full use of the hotel’s fantastic gym, indoor pool, hot tub, and restaurant.  This morning, we drove to the Kingsport Greenbelt, a recently-completed mixed-surface fitness trail that traverses nearly ten miles of the town.  We were a bit surprised by the hilly terrain, which was a change of pace (literally) from the flat rail trail we’d run a few times in Virginia, but the pleasant scenery helped the time and miles pass.  We completed an enjoyable 4-mile run before heading back to clean up and repack the car.  We took a driving tour of downtown and then hit the highway to conquer the remaining stretch of I-81.  We picked up I-40 into Knoxville, home to the University of Tennessee, where we made a spontaneous decision to take a break and check out the downtown area.  We parked in a city garage (free on Sundays!) and wandered around a bit before deciding on a place to eat.  We enjoyed the weather and the people-watching as we ate a late outdoor brunch in Market Square.  We picked up coffee for the road before driving the last leg of the day down to Chattanooga, on Tennessee’s southern border with Georgia.  Chattanooga was featured in a magazine article we read last year as the best place to live for outdoor enthusiasts, and it’s been on our list of places to check out ever since.  The weather is looking stormy tomorrow, so we’re off to study the hourly radar with the hopes of picking the right hour for a running tour of downtown…  -J