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It’s National Poetry Month…and We’re Headed to NYC!

L to R: Manhattan as seen from the Empire State Building in April 2011; Beer & Books...the new PB&J; and one of my favorite quotes from NYC's "Library Way," the sidewalk on E 41st Street.

L to R: Manhattan as seen from the Empire State Building (during an April 2011 visit); Beer&Books…the new PB&J!; one of my favorite quotes from NYC’s “Library Way” project (embedded in the sidewalk on E 41st Street).

As you might know, April is National Poetry Month, 30 days during which we remind each other (and ourselves) that art and beauty and rhythm and rhyme and lyrical acrobatics and words that move us to tears are generally good things, good things that should be read and heard and experienced and celebrated.  Unlike run-on sentences.  And fragments.

As you also might know, M is one of 85 poets participating in the Pulitzer Remix project sponsored by the Found Poetry Review.  He’s crafting one found poem per day based on the source text of a Pulitzer Prize winner in fiction—in his case, Conrad Richter’s The Town (from 1951)—and posting them on the Pulitzer Remix website.  You can access all of M’s poems here; new ones will be added daily through April 30th.  By the end of the month, the 85 poets will have created 2,550 new poems from old text…art begetting art in a funky-fresh way. (more…)

Tonight: Poetry in Prague!

On the off chance you or someone you know is in Prague tonight, send them to The Globe bookstore!  M and C will be doing a reading of their work starting at 19:30 (7:30 PM).  You can read more about the event on The Globe’s website: http://www.globebookstore.cz/