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“…While We’re Fit Enough to Enjoy It”

L to R:

L to R: Exploring the forts of Old San Juan, putting on a clinic in the ship’s bowling alley, hiking in the USVI National Park, and killing it with hover lunges and rows in TRX class.

We’ve talked about this time in our lives as one of self-assigned creative sabbatical.  We’ve also referred to this year as one borrowed from retirement to travel while we are young enough—and fit enough and healthy enough—to enjoy it.  This concept was evident during the last two weeks as we ventured to the Caribbean for a little pre-winter island hopping.  I’ll share the how and the why behind the trip, along with other random musings, over the next few days.  In the meantime, I’ve been meditating a bit on how the “fit enough” concept contributed to some of my best experiences on the cruise.

We knew we’d be consuming a little (okay, a lot…) more food and drink than we normally do, so we agreed in advance that we’d workout every day to keep any vacation weight gain in check.  Admittedly, daily workouts aren’t much different from our routine at home, but it was important to remind ourselves of our priorities and to keep our ongoing fitness goals in the front of our minds even as we sailed south in search of rum and reggae. (more…)

Forget 12 Days of Christmas…Here are 12 Months of Races!

L to R: January (Hangover Classic 10K), February (Mid-Winter Classic 10-Miler), March (Paddy's 5-Miler) and April (Great Bay Half Marathon)

L to R: January (Hangover Classic 10K), February (Mid-Winter Classic 10-Miler), March (Paddy’s 5-Miler) and April (Great Bay Half Marathon)

At the start of 2012, we decided to pursue the goal of running at least one road race per month for the entire year.  On top of this goal, given our wanderlust, we set out to run races in as many different states as possible.   Although we visited 28 states in 2012 (travel summary to follow in our year-end post), it proved much more difficult to find races that aligned with our schedule.  First, some areas of the country have more races than others.  And second, most races occur on the weekend, further limiting our race options as we traveled around the country.

In January, we established a racing budget and got down to the business of scheduling races.  Although there are some races that you can register for on race day, there are others that sell out quickly.  We had our eyes set on a few specific ones and were open to being flexible on others.  Races can cost anywhere from $15 to $100 or more per person to run depending on the distance and level of coordination required to manage the race course.  The cost is worth it, though, since most races come with race swag (t-shirts, water bottles, pens, first aid kits, coupons, you name it…) and often benefit a local charity.  In 2012, we ran races benefiting community literacy programs, local scholarship funds, volunteer fire departments, state parks, the NH Children’s Hospital, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund, and the Alzheimer’s Foundation, among others.  It’s also fun to run on a closed course with spectators (and police escorts, traffic detours, string bands, DJ’s, belly dancers, beauty queens…the list goes on). (more…)