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The Rear-View Mirror

So…I resigned from my job at the company I’ve worked at for the past thirteen years.  My last day will be this Friday.  After that, we’ll pack the car, hit the road and start a different kind of work, moving our lives in a new direction.  I mentioned in a prior post that I expect some friction as I wind down over the next couple of days.  That’s okay.  There was plenty of friction in my day-to-day job anyway.  As I sit in my kitchen and reflect on the job and people I’m leaving behind, I also know that I’ll receive encouragement and support from many of my friends and coworkers.  Delivering my resignation turned out to be far less dramatic than I expected (probably because I was wrapped up in my own head about it).  I’m guessing the next two days will turn out the same way, and I’m relieved by that thought.  I’m grateful for the good people who I’ve worked with over the years, and I’m confident that the team I’m leaving behind will be successful .  After Friday, the only employee I’ll be responsible for is me.  I think I’m up for the challenge. – M

Things Just Got Real

I should be reading On the Road or Dharma Bums or The Undiscovered Self to remind myself of all of the reasons I’ve been chasing this life for the past ten years.  It’s not that I’m afraid of quitting my job.  This nervous/anxious/pensive response to readying our gear for the trip is more of a flinch, since I know that the next five days are going to hurt.  I will disappoint some, anger others and likely perplex all.  They won’t understand my motivations, they’ll question my motivations, and they will definitely criticize my motivations.  On Friday, after thirteen years of working in the insurance industry, I will be free to make my own way.  I’ll be free of debt, free of the fears of others, free of contractual obligations and ready to move on.

So, when the haters begin to talk and the questions begin to fly, it will be up to me to call upon the spirit of Kerouac’s “Rucksack Revolution” and to summon Jung’s analytical mind and ability to deconstruct the man-made trappings of what he called “the state” (…which has evolved in our time into “Corporate America”).  Their voices remind me that the American Dream is not just a singular dream, rather it’s any dream.  It’s my dream of hitting the road in the shadow of the travelers before me, experiencing life and writing in my own voice.  Whatever happens from here will be up to me.

In the lyrics of Ben Harper, “the unfinished work of our heroes must truly be our own…”  I’m not arrogant enough to believe that I’ll finish the work of those like Kerouac and Jung, but perhaps I will further their causes and leave an unfinished legacy for the next dreamer to pursue.  -M