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The Rear-View Mirror

So…I resigned from my job at the company I’ve worked at for the past thirteen years.  My last day will be this Friday.  After that, we’ll pack the car, hit the road and start a different kind of work, moving our lives in a new direction.  I mentioned in a prior post that I expect some friction as I wind down over the next couple of days.  That’s okay.  There was plenty of friction in my day-to-day job anyway.  As I sit in my kitchen and reflect on the job and people I’m leaving behind, I also know that I’ll receive encouragement and support from many of my friends and coworkers.  Delivering my resignation turned out to be far less dramatic than I expected (probably because I was wrapped up in my own head about it).  I’m guessing the next two days will turn out the same way, and I’m relieved by that thought.  I’m grateful for the good people who I’ve worked with over the years, and I’m confident that the team I’m leaving behind will be successful .  After Friday, the only employee I’ll be responsible for is me.  I think I’m up for the challenge. – M

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