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Our Canmore Adventure: Getting to the Hostel!


L to R: Post-flooding destruction in Cougar Creek; our cozy hostel, the clubhouse of the ACC; view from the hostel of the Three Sisters peaks; and the picturesque playground downtown where we improvised a cross workout.

Canmore is an interesting gateway town near Banff National Park.  It sits just outside park boundaries on Highway 1 between Banff and Calgary.  At the time of our visit, Canmore was picking up the pieces from devastating flooding that hit Alberta in late June.

Although Highway 1 reopened the day before our visit, allowing us to get to the town, several local roads were closed, including most of the roads that led to our hostel, the Alpine Club of Canada’s Clubhouse.  We found this out the hard way, first when our exit off the highway was blocked and then, after navigating our way back into town, when we encountered two different road closures.  A quick phone call to the hostel gave us the guidance we needed to make it around the roadblocks, including what to say to the RCMP officer who might stop us for questioning (!).

When we finally arrived at the hostel, we were ready to relax, and we were in the right place.  The building is a beautiful structure perched on a hillside looking out at the Three Sisters mountain range.  While it’s often full of Nordic skiers and other athletes in the winter, we had the place to ourselves the night we were there.  We cooked dinner in the large kitchen and enjoyed a leisurely evening on the porch before calling it a day.  The next morning, we headed into town for a short run and improvised cross workout before we hit the road back into the States.  After an adventure-packed week in Canada, we were ready to tackle our first U.S. park of the trip: Glacier!

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