Exploring the world one word…and one mile…at a time


“Take a last look out on / Turn the key and we’re gone /

Who cares if Monday / There’ll be hell to pay…”

 –Taking Off Today, Adam Ezra Group


We are taking off today.  We are hitting the road for the first in a series of trips that will, over the next nine months, criss-cross two continents and five or six countries.

We’ve been planning this day for weeks and talking about it for months, but we’ve each been dreaming about this day our whole lives, long before we even knew the other existed.  The day when we quit our corporate jobs to pursue an authentic, creative life.  The day we awoke with no expectations or agendas or constraints other than the ones we assigned to ourselves.

We’ve been readying our physical selves by losing weight, eating whole foods, and getting fit enough to tackle 6,500-foot mountains and long stretches of road.

We’ve been readying our financial selves by living below our means, sticking to a budget, paying off debt, and saving money.

We’ve been readying our possessions by decluttering, donating, and downsizing, seeking out “the right stuff” instead of simply “more” or “less” stuff.

And we’ve been readying our ride.  We traded in two family sedans for a road warrior, swapping a hybrid engine for all-wheel drive that eats mountains and standard trunks for a wagon that craves gear.

This morning, that wagon is packed and ready to roll.  For us, there is no Monday.  There will be no hell to pay at the office, because there will be no office.  There will be no commute to the city, no gridlocked traffic, and no work e-mail to check.  There will not be anything except the few things we’ve chosen carefully for the trip and a collection of dreams that have been piling up for the past 30-something years.

We know roughly how many miles per gallon we will get on the road, but we have no idea how many words per gallon we will write while we’re out there.  Come along for the ride, and we’ll find out together!

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