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Running on the Road

The timing of our first few weeks on the road will coincide with the last few weeks of our training before we run a half-marathon back in our hometown.  It will be my first half (his second), and despite a recent bout of bronchitis, I’ve done a decent job sticking to my training plan during what turned out to be a mild New Hampshire winter.  What’s proving to be a bigger challenge is ensuring we stick to our training plans while on a road trip.  Planning our workouts (especially our long runs) will be critical to ensuring we return home at the end of the trip ready to run the race.  I spent part of today mapping out a workout schedule, taking into consideration which days we have extended drives planned (making it tough to fit in any kind of workout) and which days look like they’ll offer us a big block of free time (perfect for a long run).  We’ll control for the variables we can (like choosing to stay in locations that seem to offer decent running routes) and be flexible when faced with ones we can’t (like weather or terrain or quirks of a small town road).  We’ll also need to be more careful than usual when hiking during the first week of the trip.  We’re planning to tackle some moderately challenging hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains, and what might be normal fatigue or a nuisance injury on any other trip could become a race-ruining injury on this one.  No amount of internet research or advance planning will prepare us for exactly what we’ll find on the road, but having a plan in hand when we set out will give us the best chance of sticking to it while we’re out there.  –J

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