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Home Sweet Home…For Now

After a whirlwind two weeks (and two especially long days of driving), we are back home tonight, looking forward to sleeping in our own bed and having breakfast tomorrow at our favorite cafe.  Two days ago, we left 80-degree sunshine behind in the Florida Keys.  This afternoon, we met friends of ours (in town from California) for drinks in chilly New Hampshire, rolling in to the bar directly from the highway.  In order to make it on time, we logged our longest day of driving to date yesterday–817 miles from Savannah, GA to Yonkers, NY–adding to the trip total of 4,073 miles.  Sal the Subaru was a champ on his first long-haul road trip, averaging more than 25 miles per gallon (fewer in the mountains than in the South).  Our words per gallon fared only slightly better, due largely to the lack of downtime we built into the schedule.  It’s something we plan to include more of in our longer trips later this year, but our priority for this one was simply to get far away from here and physically break away from our prior day-to-day lives.  Now that we’re back, somewhat rested and fully reinvigorated, we have a long list of posts, photos, and videos to write, edit, and upload.  We’ll spend most of April at home, writing, running, and finding a new rhythm.  But before March ends, we have one more adventure planned: to participate in a charity trivia bee tomorrow night.  After several days on island time, it will take a lot of focus and some strong coffee to ensure our brains are up for the challenge.