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Easing Into European Time


Scenes from the Hillside Lodge (L to R): M settling in to our room; music memories lining the hallway; the sunny breakfast room; fresh buffet; and delicious veggie breakfast.

The highlight of our time in Clifden was our two-night stay at the Hillside Lodge, a modern B&B located on Sky Road a mile or so from the town center.  Our room was comfy and cozy, the perfect place for adjusting to the time change and convenient base for exploring the town on foot.  One of the owners works in the music industry, and the home is a carefully-curated treasure of music memorabilia.  Breakfast each morning consisted of a fresh pot of coffee, generous cold buffet (with fresh fruit, stewed prunes, and homemade granola) and hot selection cooked to order (based on a menu we filled out the prior evening).  Their vegetarian version of a traditional Irish breakfast included veggie sausage, baked beans, and a potato cake.  It was delicious and satisfied us for most of the day.

Walking around Clifden (L to R): the sheep across the road; castle ruins; friendly neighbors; low tide in the bay; and

Around Clifden (L to R): the sheep across the road; castle ruins; friendly neighbors; low tide in the bay; and M walking home on Sky Road.

After breakfast, we headed out for a leisurely walk through the town, past ruins and farms and beaches.  In true Irish fashion, the weather changed every ten minutes or so, from heavy rain to drizzly mist to sunshine and blue skies.  We split the afternoon between a pub and a café, playing Scrabble and drinking Guinness before switching gears to lattes, coffee cake, and journaling.  (We’re taking this carb-loading thing seriously…)

Roaming around town:

Roaming around town (L to R): Selfie on Sky Road; the walk into town; town center Clifden; pub scrabble; and coffee & cake.

It was an easy mile-long walk back to the inn at the end of the day, and we cozied up for another good night’s sleep before setting out for Achill in the morning. –J.

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  1. MOM

    We wish we were there to cheer you on. We know that you both will be awesome!

    August 23, 2013 at 4:15 pm

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