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Bumming Around Banff


L to R: Downtown Banff on a perfect afternoon for hanging out on a roof deck; post-storm rainbow outside the hostel; and the Banff Hot Springs just after sunrise.

We rolled into Banff on a warm Saturday afternoon in late June, and the town was buzzing.  It was too early to check into the hostel, so we strolled downtown looking for a pub with outdoor space.  A sidewalk sign announcing “Roof Deck Open” was enough for us.  With heavy post-run legs, we climbed three flights of stairs before settling in at a high-top table with a killer view.  We lingered for a while, grazing on snacks and savoring a few cold Canadian beers.

When we finally made it to the hostel, our roommates had already checked in.  M & L were a 20-something couple originally from Limerick, Ireland who had just come in from Vancouver, where they’d been living for two years.  They were moving back to Europe, this time to Scotland, and had just started their slow journey east.  We enjoyed a long bunk chat with them, talking easily on topics ranging from travel and the economy to family to pipefitting.

A late day storm brought a huge rainbow to our window, and while our roommates headed out on the town, we drifted to sleep dreaming of a visit to the hot springs.  We were the first ones in line when the springs opened Sunday morning, and we soaked in the steaming pool as the sun rose from behind the mountains.  We continued our relaxing morning back in town, sharing a delicious Nanaimo bar and grabbing some free wireless in a funky coffee shop before heading south toward Canmore, the last Canadian stop on our trip.

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